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When school is out and summer is upon us, will your kids be bored? Do you need a place they can go to learn new skills and interact with other kids? If so then Life Skills Prep Camp is for you!

LSPC 2024

Session 1: June 3-14, 9 AM - 3 PM

Session 2: June 17-28, 9 AM - 3 PM

Session 3: July 8-19, 9 AM - 3 PM

Summer camp team work

Our Mission

Our Vision

We will meet our mission by providing instruction in activities such as art, line dancing, team building and many more.  We do this because we believe in the student enough to support them through problem solving and change processes.

The Mission of the LSPC is to provide a safe and “fun”ctional environment for children to be accepted for who they are, respected for their abilities, and supported in learning new basic life skills while igniting their passion for new activities.

About Life Skills Prep Camp

Life Skills Prep Camp is geared toward children ages 5-14, with various abilities, including those who may be diagnosed with social anxiety,  ADHD, and ASD or those who just want to improve some of their skills such as executive functioning, focus, team building, and communication.

The professional team at the Life Skills Prep Camp recognizes that every child is unique! At the beginning of the camp, the team will meet with parents in order to discuss their goals, which will be customized according to the child's specific needs and keeping in mind the way a particular child learns. Your children will have fun while gaining some valuable skills!

There are no prerequisite skills necessary to attend. All activities are inclusive and are adapted for the level of camper. We host students that are typically developing as well as students with physical disabilities, ADHD, and high functioning Autism/Asperger’s.

Helping students/children see another perspective can be HUGE. At Life Skills Prep Camp, we work diligently to understand students and how they think (especially about a specific situation) and help them understand the point of view of others involved in the situation. Never with the idea of changing the student but with the idea of allowing them to understand what is going on around them from another perspective which allows them to begin to understand how and why other people react the way they do.

What Parents Are Saying...

"Lori, I just want to share that I am SO excited about this camp. I have NEVER felt comfortable dropping her off at a camp with such lengthy hours. We’ve never found the right fit. She’s very high functioning, but doesn’t ever fit into the typically developing group. She’s HAPPY!! She looks forward to going, talks about it, and praises it. It’s simply awesome. She feels that she’s part of something. This is the key that has been missing on our new homeschooling journey for the past year.
Thank you!!!! - Jennifer"

"He was mad at me yesterday, he was "today 26 and Ms Lori is 22". I told him you are sick, if you want to go you have to be healthy and eat. He said, "oh no I want to go, my friends, Ms Lori, and Rick, sorry Mr Rick". You guys made a positive impression that he wants to go. Lol Thank you. He only went two days a week and he talks about you guys. Thanks. Please tell Mr Rick that during his birthday his student dance hip hop on his birthday party and surprised everyone two steps but he own it."

Registration Coming Soon!
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