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Children Embracing in Circle


The professional team at the Life Skills Prep Camp recognizes that every child is unique! At the beginning of the camp, the team will meet with parents in order to discuss their goals, which will be customized according to the child's specific needs and keeping in mind the way a particular child learns. Your children will have fun while gaining some valuable skills!



Moving our bodies is very imporant to our overall health. Running/walking is one of the least complicated physical activities we can do. Each morning we "do laps" and encourage campers to set goals to go a little further each day.

Kids Dancing


At LSPC we focus on the underlying Executive Functioning skills necessary to be successful while doing activities. Dancing requires sequencing, memory, understanding where our body is in space and many more great skills. Campers get to have FUN and learn new skills while participating.

Yoga Class


Yoga helps manage anxiety, emotions, self -awareness, concentration, strength and flexibility.

Kids Drawing

Art Classes

Allowing free expression for art activities and crafts is important to allow campers to develop their creativity. Teaching different techniques for output in their creative world adds to their creativity and confidence.



Cooking is not only FUN but also utilizes a lot of skills. We work on planning, following directions, sequencing, sustained attention and then we get to enjoy our creations!

Children Playing Tug of War

Team Building

In today's world where many are isolated and struggle to connect with others we work on clear communication to work together towards a goal.

FUN-tional Outcomes

There are no prerequisite skills necessary to attend. All activities are inclusive and are adapted for the level of camper. We host students that are typically developing as well as students with physical disabilities, ADHD, and high functioning Autism/Asperger’s.

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